Beginner Jewellery Kit

Get started on a journey to happiness and creativity.

Create beautiful and stunning paper jewellery (earrings, earstuds, pendands and necklaces) using KaagZevar's beginner Jewellery kit.

The kit includes:
1) 2 packets of quilling strips of width 3mm.
2) 1 packet of quilling strips of width 10mm.
3) 1 Slotted Quilling tool.
4) 1 Tweezer.
5) 1 glue bottle.
6) 1 Painting brush.
7) Box of Jewellery blanks:
   a) 40 Jump rings (silver color).
   b) 5 metallic chains (silver color).
   c) 3 pairs of studs (silver color).
   d) 5 pairs of ear loops (silver color).

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