Quilling Rakhi Kit for kids

This kit will enable your child to create beautiful rakhis and frame their Rakshabandhan memories, to cherish forever.

The kit includes:
(1) 4 Mini kits with quilling strips, ribbons and rakhi strings to create 4 different rakhis. Each rakhi can be easily made by following YouTube videos (links included below):
  a) Peacock feather Rakhi (YouTube Video)
  b) Captain America Rakhi (YouTube Video)
  c) Blue spiral Rakhi (YouTube Video)
  d) Spider Man Rakhi (YouTube Video)

(2) The Kit also includes:
  a) 1 Slotted quilling tool
  b) Tweezer
  c) Glue
  d) Painting brush

(3) The kit includes a photo frame, which can be used to frame your picture decorated with your quilled rakhi as shown in this YouTube Video.

Order your kits today. To order, send an email to kaagzevar @ gmail.com.